Yokosuka Bilingual School

Yokosuka Bilingual School

School Details

Inaoka 82 Kanagawa Dental College, Yokosuka-Shi, Kanagawa, 238-8580
Nearest Station:
Yokosuka Chuo
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About Yokosuka Bilingual School


  • teach using a dual immersion program, in a bilingual setting.
  • encourage curiosity and learning through inquiry and discussion.
  • foster self-awareness and global leadership.
  • are always flexible, open, and honest to other cultures, perspectives, and languages.
  • engage our students in a world-class education.

Educational Philosophy

Expose your child to a different culture, and whole new experiences!! This is the best age to be exposed to a different culture and experience diversity!! The experience in a different culture and setting will remain in the child`s heart forever. It fosters and develops strength! Let’s take advantage of the safe environment and warm people that Japan allows your children to enjoy!!

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