Hope International School

Hope International School

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Miyagi 1-5, Chatan, Okinawa, 904-0113
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About Hope International School

We are an international school with 2 campuses (Preschool + InterDivision) that serves students from 0 to High school. We have a private & public preschool - the private preschool is for ages 3-6 and is open to any family, the public preschool is open to ages 0-6 but requires families to live off base and both parents must be working.

Educational Philosophy

Our curriculum is based on the IEYC and IPC from Fieldwork Education. It is a theme based curriclum that links subjects together and is focused on developing skills and understanding, rather than only knowledge. Due to the focus on skills and understanding, it is heavy activity/project based, with students taking action on their learning.

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