Fukuoka International Democratic School FIDS

Fukuoka International Democratic School FIDS

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1-41-3 Higashi Irube, Sawara-ku, Fukuoka, Fukuoka, 811-1102
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About Fukuoka International Democratic School

We're on a park corner in a quiet hillside estate at the city/nature border, served by local bus, highway, subway and train links to both down-town (8kms) and Fukuoka pref.Most children ride to school, but those coming from across town or other prefectures use bus, train or car.Children can apply from the age that they can wipe their own bottoms (4+ish). All staff are fluent English speakers.

Educational Philosophy

We are grounded in empirical developmental psychology in the humanitarian tradition.Kids are trying to grow up and self-actuate. Apart from modeling/guiding social norms and kindness we keep out of their way. Staff encourage child led activity, answer questions and conduct tutorials on request.Parents should expect their kids to come home determined but very tired, with negotiating skills!

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