American School

American School

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3-32-5 Taiko-Dori, Nakamura Ward, Nagoya, Aichi, 453-0811
Nearest Station:
Nakamura Ward Office
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About American School

With the motto, “English conversation from the age of 0", we put importance on language input for young children. Our preschool program has led them to winning and placing in various national speech contests, and passing EIKEN Tests. We also offer ELS classes, weekdays and Saturdays. We are sure that you will find a class that meets your child's needs and goals. Please visit us for a trial lesson!

Educational Philosophy

At our preschool, students have conversations only in English. We aim to let them use English naturally in a fun learning environment and think in English as they do in Japanese by applying right brain exercises. They will take math, science, typing, music and PE classes in English. They are able to speak, read and write in English by the time they graduate from preschool.

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