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We understand that you work hard to provide a quality education for your students, and we want to help you get the recognition you deserve. That's why we hope you'll take this opportunity to verify your school's information with us.

Parents increasingly rely on online sources for school selection. PreK.World is unlike traditional search engines or social media platforms, which can be biased to paid advertising and algorithms. Instead, we offer a location-based listing site focusing on Japan's prefectures and municipalities. This approach ensures that parents can easily find schools in their vicinity, providing a more unbiased and geographically relevant search experience. And to further that accuracy, we rely on schools to verify their information.

As a verified school, your school's listing will be featured prominently on our website, making it easy for parents to find and learn more about your school. Your listing will also include a one-page PDF data-sheet of your school's profile for parents to download.

Please take advantage of this opportunity to verify your school with PreK.World. It's a great way to get your school noticed by parents or guardians looking for the best international preschool or kindergarten for their child.

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